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You have never seen more types of cars at one place like in our race car games category. You can try out driving race cars, luxury cars, supercars, buggies, drift cars, police cars, and even ambulance cars or a fire truck. Press the gas pedal and reach the unimaginable speeds with few seconds. For these reasons, we have a set of real beasts ready. What would you say about this Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ford GT, Pagani, BMW, Porsche, or Maserati? They are super fast and they look damn attractive! If you have ever dreamed about driving one of these uncontested kings of roads, it's your greatest opportunity to do so right now!

Compete on track and race against other drivers, overcome difficult terrain and harsh weather conditions, or just simply head to the garage and start customizing and tuning your car. Purchase new engines, turbos, gearboxes, or tires, and bring your car to the new level. Performance of stock parts is almost always very poor, but when you swap them with professional ones, you can expect extreme boost both in power and handling. Use keyboard to accelerate, brake, and steer, and don't be shy to show off some spectacular stunts! Do flips and twist and perform various tricks that nobody has ever seen before. Do a little drive-by and hit enemy gang hard! Drive your fellas to the safety while they are shooting down annoying members of other gangs. You see? You can use cars to do bad things, but who cares when it's pure action and fun! So fasten your seatbelt and sit into a gigantic monster truck that is parked right next to you. Do you have what it takes to handle the car parking games category? It's a complex test which is seemingly very easy, but in fact very challenging. One hit and you must start from scratch. The room for mistakes isn't present here!

Race across the world at 300 km per hour and discover new impressive places. Meet new people, make new friends, and ask them for a participation in crazy pursuit, you've got the faster car!