About us

We've started playing games already in childhood. Actually, who hasn't. However, as we grew up, we had less and less time to play games. Buying and installing new games also didn't bring the joy of playing games as we were expecting. The solution was lying right before us, though. The Internet was ubiquitous and the newly created and available Unity game engine brought the possibility of creating completely new games which could be played without the need of installation right in the browser. Unfortunately, there was no good worldwide website which would offer these games.

That's why we decided to create one back in 2013. At that time we came up with unique video previews along with video tutorials, and we fully adapted everything for the best gaming experience ever. One year later, our competititors began to copy our features thanks to which we were truly unique. It was time to move on - to begin collaborating with developers and to create games tailored for our users. So in 2015, we released the first popular game - Multiplayer 3D shooter with Minecraft graphics - Pixel Warfare. In 2016, we fully focused on game developers and created a platform for distributing and monetizing their games - GameArter.com. Yet in the same year, 40 games were uploaded to GameArter database, and in the next year, we have came up with more than 200 published games per year. By the end of 2016, we realized that we need to move on once again. Do everything much better. And since then, we've been working hard on creating a new website, gameplayer, new features, and especially gaming systems. These features released in 2018 have started a new era - PacoGames as a gaming social site for game developers and players. For users who love simple gaming websites, we further run Games44.com. Stay tuned for news.

Our team


Jan Jaroš


CEO, marketing