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Our bus games for kids collection brings many hours of entertainment and fun, You will be allowed to drive all kinds of buses even without driving license! Public transits, school buses, and tour buses - you can try all of these. These "road monsters" can surprise you how agile they can be on the road, in the field, or basically in any difficult terrain. Prove all myths that bus is a lazy and heavy vehicle, press the gas pedal, and reach the top-speed in a matter of seconds! Big engine sounds very promising. For sure, when brutal horsepower and high torque will make your engine roar!

Try many of our driving challenges that require precise handling and high speed. What about bus drifting? Does it sound way too insane? Impossible is nothing! Even these road colossi have handbrake and all pedals needed to perform these moves. The only limit is driver's driving skill. Ok, well, park the bus at highlighted spot in one of our bus parking games, and don't block the road. These games demand big portion of patience and dedication. Calm fingers and nerves of steel are required! Don't crash and you should be fine, though. Race other bus drivers, or drive customers to their destination. The doors are open. You can even go for a ride through a city and crash everything in your sight. Actually, bus destruction derby sounds even better, what do you think? True demolition of public transport vehicles in 3D environment - what a beautiful view! Sharpen your driving abilities while controlling famous red London double-deckers and let the wind be friendly helper during the ride through the mountains.

Become kind of an evil driver and turn you bus into dangerous weapon. Run over innocent civilians, smash posts and hydrants, hit and run patrolling police cars, or even chase filthy thieves in a dramatic pursuit. Act in a movie as bus driver and become the unintentional part of terroristic attempt to kidnap a very important diplomat, or take part in bank robbery and escort thieves to their hideout. Enter, fasten your seatbelt, and let's ride!