Scrap Metal

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mouse + ctrl = move with obstacles

1 ... 7 = view

t = slow motion

shift = clutch


v = gearbox

space = handbrake

enter = reset car

shift + r = repair car

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At the beginning of this project called Scrap Metal, there was just a goal create a game without any goal. But with freedom of playing. That's thing, which allows to every player find his own goal in the game. According to his fantasy. For example achieve the top speed with a Pagani Zonda (the size of the map is designed for it), perform various tricks with cars (the game allows turn slow motions), modify the map by moving with obstacles... Or just a make Scrap Metal from cars. For this purpose you can use six awesome cars, while each one has different driveability. Which one will your most favourite? The Ford Mustang, Pagani Zonda, Nissan GT-R, Jeep Cherokee, Mini Cooper or Ken Block's Ford Fiesta? Use all possibilities which our game Scrap Metal offers and make an awesome video on Youtube. We will find it and very like watch it. Note: The game requires higher PC performance. Have fun.

FAQ around the game

How many cars are in the game?

In the game, there are total of six cars. Every car is unique and you can enjoy its great features. Five cars are more sporty cars, however one car is an offroad car (Jeep). You can drive with offroad car through the hills. Cars are realistic and you can turn on and turn off things like ABS, ESP and many more features. If you want more realistic features just turn on damage.

What is so special about Scrap Metal?

Almost everything! Game brings new features. You can enjoy very realistic driving with ABS or no ABS. What´s more you can build your own map with lots of ramps. Prepare for flips and jumps all over the map.

How to build my own stunt map?

To build your own dreamy map is very easy. You only need imagination! The keys you need are mouse button + ctrl. Thanks to ctrl button you can rotate objects and you get control over placement of the bridges, ramps etc.

Who is the developer of the game?

Scrap Metal game (and also whole series) has been developed by Ciorbyn, who is also well-known for Evo-F series.

Is Scrap Metal multiplayer?

No, Scrap Metal is only singleplayer.

What are the differences between Scrap Metal games?

All games in the series has common, that you can build your own stunt place. However, evry part is unique. You can find many different cars and places. Every part is trying to bring something new to the world of Scrap Metal. Definitely, you should try all of them.

Published on Apr 14, 2017

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