Scrap Metal 4

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Mouse + CTRL = move with obstacles

1 ... 8 = views

T = slow motion

SHIFT = clutch


V = gearbox

SPACE = handbrake

ENTER = reset car

R = repair car

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Scrap Metal 4

Belongs Scrap Metal to your favourite game series on PacoGames and you spend in it thousands of hours? Did you play all the parts a few times? So probably you are waiting for new part now. Comfortably sit down and prepare to succumb to the eternity happiness. It's the way you think. Scrap Metal 4 is here! A successful series that has won hearts of millions players around the world. Just like the previous parts, this one gives you an endless amount of fun and freedom. Choose from the finest vehicles. Drive through the rugged countryside. You will definitely find the space for your creativity! Create your own racetrack. Do tricks, have a lot of fans. What more to add? Perhaps nothing, because you have already lost enough time by reading! Enjoy the perfect driving simulator. Have fun.

Published on Jan 4, 2019

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