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WASD = ride

mouse = interaction

enter = reset car

r = repair car

t = slow time

c = change camera

space = handbrake

u = arm up

j = arm down

i = fork up

k = fork down

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Evo-F is a 3D driving simulator. However, it is not only about driving. In Evo-F you will find many different vehicles. From Classic cars, to sports cars, offroad cars or even excavator. You can drive the cars, move with objects. Evo-f contains one big map and endless freedom.

Get into your car to find a fun in this great realistic simulator. Do you want to do tricks and jump from ramps and you don´t care about the riding? Then there is a free ride mode for you, where you will find lots of ramps and obstacles. If you want to enjoy the surrounding environment, then drive with your car to the city. During the exploration of the city, you have also possibility to jump and do tricks with the car. You can even move your ramp to another place by yourself. If you have enough of crazy riding, you can start helping the city by transfering of pallets, barrels and many other things, across the entire city. After all, you can also visit a repair shop where you can repair you car or change its visuals. Enjoy your total freedom. Have fun.

FAQ around the game

What is Evo-F about?

Evo-F is a driving simulator. There are no tasks or special missions. You can drive many different cars, that use realistic physics. Every car was designed to be as much realistic as possible.

Why are non-funcional cars in the game?

Evo-F developer thought about every detail. Almost every car is ready to drive immediately. However, player will find some broken old cars as well. These are impossible to drive until they are repaired. Use cars with fork lifter to move old car to the garage. Put down the car to the green area and non-fuctional car will work again. Now you can take it to the ride around the city.

How many cars are in the game?

There are total of 11 cars. Two of them are non-funcional and can be repaired. Use one of the two fork lifters to move with these cars. You will also find 3 trucks, 1 ofrroad jeep, 1 excavator and 2 city cars.

Does Evo-F support multiplayer?

Unfortunately, Evo-F does not support multiplayer at this moment. However, there are future plans to implement this feature.

Who developed Evo-F?

Evo-F has been developed by Ciorbyn.

Published on May 8, 2018

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