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Airports are one of the busiest places in the world. You'll see many amazing aircraft there and people from all over the world. Free airplane games will give you a unique opportunity to control and operate jets of all kinds. Test their flying characteristics in the skies, race your rivals and compete with them amongst the clouds. Racing is not the only option, you can even pilot military aircraft, and shoot down important targets in global warfare. Defend your airspace against attackers from all sides, and be a decisive factor of the whole war! Don't let your opponents hit you, perform several evasive maneuvers, and strike back! If you want to taste a bit of that strategy side, act as an air controller and make sure that all airplanes land in the correct order without a crash. Lives of all passengers are in your hands, one little mistake in your planning, and their lives will be endangered.

Colossal aircrafts like Boejing or Airbus, or small ones like some crop duster - the choice is yours. Buy your tickets for an intercontinental flight, and take action during the terrorist's assault on the plane in which you are travelling, or work as a local pilot, dust a crop in your village, and make sure that all plants will grow as they should. Try to reach the furthest distance in one go in games where it matters, or try to collect gems or stars which will unlock you even more exciting aircraft! Arm your aerial vehicles with weapons and augmented armor. Equip them with nuclear missiles or guided rockets, and make more than just one enemy disappear. Military warfare, business trips, feeding plants, transportation of goods, or whatever, airplanes are always needed! And what about building your own aircraft from scratch? Visit assembling factories, check blueprints for the latest aircraft model, and participate on its realization. Projects like this shape the actual world! How many times in your life you get an opportunity to experience so exciting things like that? Fly like a professional pilot and overcome every challenge that airplane games online got for you!