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Are you dealing with an issue of a blocked game on your electronic device? Most likely this is due to blocking by network or device administrator. This article will explain why it happens and what ways you can use to avoid the blocking of your requested game.

What all can be blocked?

Device administrators have an option block anything on the device while network administrators anything related to the connection between the device with the external world via a network (e.g. Public Wifi you are connected to) managed by the network administrator or alternatively network provider. There are also cases when certain content is blocked for security reasons either by a browser, operating system or installed antivirus software.

Where most games are blocked?

Blocking various resources such as games, videos, social sites and others is a common measure active in school and corporate networks and facilities where visiting and consuming of such content is not desirable from the nature of the thing for which consumers in these institutions should use the network - for work, education and finding information - instead of for fun. However, recent years have shown us the effort to block the public decentralized internet also from the side of some countries (blocking based on GEO location) whose goal is especially a censorship hidden under the buzzword "security matters".

There may be blocked only a certain game, but more likely the blocking affects all games of certain game provider or the entire (gaming) website.

Why one game is usually blocked on all gaming websites?

Generally, gaming websites work on the basis of sharing games and if a certain game is being blocked by a 3rd party entity (network administrator / provider) on one website, there’s almost 100% certainty that such game is being blocked in the user’s network / device on all websites if the gaming websites use the game from official distribution - the blocking is made at the official address, not the gaming websites.

How to avoid blocking games?

If a game is being blocked by network...

The simplest solution is to use own paid internet network instead of institution networks with network administrators instructed by the interests of the institution. You probably use such network at home where you can find all the games unblocked. However, what to do when you want to play at a school or office?

First solution is to use paid mobile internet available on your mobile device (currently 4G) which may be effective for mobile games and mobile optimized websites with low file size.

Next solution is googling for proxy servers of the game. A proxy server is a technology via which web and game developers are able to make content of one url available under different URLs. The disadvantage of this solution is especially durability because it is often only a matter of time until the new proxy url starts to be blocked as well.

Last thing worth trying is to use a VPN. VPN (a shortcut of virtual private network) is a technology via which a user is able to consume internet resources privately without being traceable or blockable. More information about VPN is available in article List of the best VPNs for gamers. Unfortunately, this also this solution has many issues. Firstly, it usually requires a specialized software for using (either app, browser or add-on) so a user needs to have installation permissions on his device, it slows the connection speed which is very impractical for downloading big files and playing games and especially using a VPN is not free.

If a game is being blocked by a device...

Unblocking such games is possible in the software via which the game is being blocked on the device. There is usually need to have administrator access for it.

Unblocking old good flash games is still possible directly in the borwser by enabling flash (unsecured software).

Is it safe to use a network when an administrator / provider can monitor and block sources?

This depends on websites and technologies you use, however connecting to websites over secure (https) protocol (lock icon you can see before pacogames.com in address bar ) is secure even in untrusted public networks such as common public wifi. If you are used to using a website running still on http protocol, there is possible to require always https connection even on this website with the help of specialized addons or a good private browser as Brave.


In short, there is nothing like unblocked games on certain websites, unblocked games are always a matter of the network the user connects from or his device. For unblocking games blocked by device there should be possible to unblick it by adding a permission for running the content, network-related blocking can be avoided with a connection over a private paid network. In a case of connecting over public networks, availability of certain website is in the decision of the network administrator. Consumers (users) as well as content providers have very limited options to make certain content accessible in such case.