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Do you hear the roaring engines under the hood of these monsters? This is our free monster truck games category! This is not for casual drivers, only the very best drivers can handle the power of such beast with insane horsepower. Vehicles able to reach enormous speeds despite their sizes. Vehicles which were invented in late 1970s, vehicles which can't be driven by an amateur. The driver must wear fireproof suit, safety harness, and a head cover. Neck restraints are mandatory as well. Play monster truck games online, and skip all these necessary rules for safety. This is not a real world driving, this is for pure entertainment. Biggest vehicles ever made crushing ordinary cars in arenas full of spectators. Bigfoot and Gravedigger are about to start their stunt show, people are getting crazy!

Choose from various monster truck types, and prepare the crowd for the most amazing stunt show they ever seen! Control that giant you are sitting in, and press the button for nitrous oxide boost! Brutal power, insane visuals, sick wheels - these definitions of a monster truck could go on for yet another hour! Crash, these cars are getting wrecked! Stunt arena is not the only place for brutal monster truck action. Go off-road, and compete against drivers in difficult terrain. Winner of these races won't get just money or respect, he will become immortal among the monster truck drivers community. Control the gas pedal, brakes, and balance your 4x4 wheeler to the finish line. Opponents are fast and tough, so be even tougher!

Giants are ready for your use, sir! You were acknowledged with their functions, and now it's up to you, what you gonna do with them. You can do almost everything, but keep in mind that every obstacle can be so mean that even these vehicles can fall apart. However, this could actually be a fun way to introduce you to the monster truck constructions. Build your own vehicle of your dreams. You have never been closer to reach this dream! Custom stickers all over the hood, tuned front and rear bumper, or even headlights with night vision! You are the boss!