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Written by Vladimír Nepor 12/18/2018

PacoGames is a gaming platform connecting creators of games with their players - you can imagine PacoGames as YouTube of games. PacoGames is being developed to be a friendly space for game developers as well as players of online games. Considering option of revenue share and availability of powerful and exclusive features, PacoGames is the right place for all developers who want to have a game on the web and taking game development seriously.

This article provides process of publishing own games on PacoGames.

Automated process of publishing games on PacoGames gaming website has automated process of publishing, all games submitted by game developers are being published within 1 business day from submission if

  1. Game developer filled all necessary information for his game (description, controls, thumbnails (image,video) and sharing image)
  2. There are no serious issues with the game and submitted media (point 1)
  3. Submitted game fits PacoGames criteria for published games

Game submissions must be processed via GameArter service. There is also option to submit a game hosted by own or any 3rd party side or game distribution platform.

How to publish a game on PacoGames

Publishing games on PacoGames is possible via GameArter - solution for all aspects of game development, publishing, monetization, distribution and so on. Adding a game to GameArter consists from following steps:

  1. Sign up to GameArter

    By registration to GameArter, a developer gets automatically public developer account on PacoGames and later also complex space for presentation of yourself and own work. This account will be available on GameArter and gaming websites like PacoGames will have option to access the profiles data via API for possibility to create up-to-date developer accounts on their websites.

    developer account on pacogames

    Image above displays an example of developer account on This account contains developer's name, profile photo, games and social sites. These data can be set and adjusted in profile section on GameArter (see point 2). The profile also reflects number of players following the developer and an option to become follower as well.

  2. Fill your account data

    Filling account information is very important. Firstly there is need to set informations for the developer profile (see point 1) and secondly make some default choices - e.g. select preferred payout option or whether you want to receive feedback from users or not. Feedback is being sent directly to developer's email. Users can send it over feedback section / report bugs form.

  3. Add your game
    GameArter can be used by 2 basic ways:
    1. As a tool above which games are built (SDK integration). GameArter's software development kits allow simple and fast implementation of complex features (user accounts, achievements, leaderboards, secure data management, in-game purchases, tournaments, assets management, analytics, ads and many more...) in short time without need of high knowledge of programming. It is worth to mention also fully customizable gameplayer, tools for users interaction, powerful hosting, game distribution service or e.g. analytics solution. Check more in separated articles GameArter as a tool for games management - Game Development phase & Post-release phase.
    2. As a tool collecting all developers games without matter of where they are hosted or what service they use. Once the game info and link at this game is added to GameArter, there is possible to take a claim for adding the games on websites in GameArter ecosystem (, Note that webmasters of websites has full right to select what games they will list.
  4. Add project to GameArter

Once a game is published

1. Developer's presentation on PacoGames

All published games added on PacoGames by developers contain a label (displayed at the right of the image below) linking to developer's profile (see point 1)

other developers games on pacogames label

Image above also contain a button for reporting issues (first button from the left side). By pressing this button, there is opened new modal window for reporting bugs and providing any other feedback. This report is either sent directly to developer's email account (if enabled) or to GameArter team which serve also as a support for players.

If a developer decides to write or reply to any comment, he has automatically label "DEVELOPER" beside his name. Name linking to his developer account.

comment with label developer

In discussions below games of other developers, this "developer" stands out like any other common user. This user account was created together with developer account during registration to GameArter. Email address is same, however profile photo, name and other informations can be different - adjusted in profile section on PacoGames.

user account on PacoGames

2. Revenue share for developers

  • Games inserted via iframe, running from 3rd party services: no revenue share on PacoGames. Monetisation of these games is possible via own in-game ads.
  • Games powered by GameArter: Share set by the developer (70-92% by default) of all revenue generated in the game (in-game advertisment + IAP).
  • Games powered by GameArter, focusing on user experience. PacoGames provides extra bonus for quality games focused for best user experience. The main emphasis is put on using GameArter's data storage service and implementation of suitable features improving gameplay (achievements, leaderboards, connection with shared gaming currency GRT) and other features provided by GameArter. Bonuses are build on basis of algorithm working with user engagement and does not reflect income of ads. Generally, quality games are getting more revenue from this system than they would get from counting on basis of ads. 20% of best games gets 100% share of this revenue, next 20% gets 80% and the remaining 60% gets 60% of the revenue. Since January 2019, these games will be usually also connected with in-game purchases which means other additional revenue.

3. Games Promotion

  • Games placed on PacoGames are automatically promoted via PPC campaign and social sites.
  • Games promotion on PacoGames website is driven by games-quality algorithm. Best performing games are the ones most visible.
  • Games with implemented GameArter SDK are used for recommended games section available right next to the game on a gamepage.
  • Every new added game is being automatically sent to all followers of the developer.
  • There is an option to include games out of this algorithm and buy an extra place for them on PacoGames. Games powered by GameArter SDK has 50% discount of the price.
  • PacoGames is open to cooperate with vendors on marketing purposes and operation of their quality games on web.
  • PacoGames uses extra GameArter's services available over GameARter's API for additional promotion of quality games on PacoGames. Example of such promotion is a tournament created in certain game. Tournaments support is natively implemented in GameArter's SDK and does not require any game preparation or developer's work.
PacoGames games tournamnet

4. Tips to increase probability of listing and promotion

  • Create quality games. Games have to look well and be optimized for smooth running and low filesize.
  • All UI elements must be clear and do as is usual. Any techniques and misleading links redirecting players without their request are strictly prohibited.
  • Do not use excessive number of extenal links
  • Do not use excessive number of ads. Keep minimum time between ads 3 minutes or higher.
  • All ads must be consistent to Google ads policies.
  • For the best performance there is recommended to implement GameArter's SDK. As a reward for this extra work a developer gets 70%-92% of revenue share generated by GameArter. The advantage of GameArter SDK is bringing the best possible user experience from playing (auto login, server data storage, rewards from playing, social layer...) which is usually reflected in users behaviour and thus it positively affects game promotion algorithm on PacoGames and other websites. PacoGames has also reserved premium web spaces for promotion of these games.
  • Do not do games with excessive violence and brutality.
  • Do not send next reskin versions of games already published in many reskinned variants
  • Read how we choose games for listing on PacoGames

Why GameArter?

  • Allows build audience of folowers which a developer can inform about news via push up or email notifications
  • Presentation of developer, his work and brand.
  • Simple to use discussion solution shared for game and websites - all comments are in one place. Developer's contributions have verified label "developer".
  • Games using GameArter SDK are fully connected with PacoGames (user accounts, tournaments, currency...)
  • Simple management of games on various websites and platforms from one place
    • Next in the road map
    • Full developer profiles for presentation of games and developers.
    • Games Market as a place to sell and offer games.
    • Option of donations.
    • Option to create Crowdfunding campaigns for games.

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Visit GameArter

Publishing web versions of games on PacoGames and other websites through game distribution platform GameArter is great way to promote your Google Play, App Store, Steam and other more robust versions of your games. Games promotion via classic channels is very expensive, often unprofitable. GameArter offers such promotion for free and even earn developers money during such promotion via in-game revenue channels. If you are interested in more ways to promote your games on your own, check our post How to promote small games.

Did you find your game attached to foreign developer account? Report it via our contact form.

Are not you sure what game distribution service to choose for your game? Check how game distribution services usually work.

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