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All games on this webpage are available for free publishing on websites with focus on gaming content. Games may be inserted via iframe option. will host and keep these games functional.

Prohibited techniques:

  • Run game files from own server.
  • Using sandbox parameter.
  • Inserting any objects into a layer above the game space.
  • Block any link or connection within a game.
  • Overlay pacogames bottom bar.
  • Block ads by any way.

Documentation allows only one way to publish our games. You have to use classic iframe of the inserted game.

<iframe src="insert_game_url_address_here" width="100%" height="100%" allow="fullscreen"></iframe>

The whole iframe format are available after clicking on "GET CODE" button. After clicking, you will see a piece of code. You can copy and paste it into the place where the game should be displayed (insert it as a code /embed in MyArcadePlugin for Wordpress/).

Do not forget to add following lines into your ads.txt file.

Game export is available in JSON or XML format via API interface:|categories)[/(en|ru|cs|de|es|pt|tr|ar|pl|fr)]

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