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Our list of car parking games will put you in a really difficult situations. Accept the challenge, and control a moving vehicle to the highlighted spot. Raining or heavy snow, you must be able to park a car in any given condition. Get the job of parking driver, and park expensive cars of the hosts that are accommodated in the hotel you are working in. Ferrari, Mercedes, Ford Mustang, or a random truck, as a professional parking driver, you must be able to park every possible car including a monster truck or trailer. Master the handling of all available cars, and prove your friends that you are able to park a car faster than them!

Time will be playing against you, so park your car, bus, ship, truck, or any other vehicle as fast as possible. Your precision will be tested, hitting or crashing into a object is strictly forbidden. Squeeze into tight spots that are seemingly unaccessible. Choose right angles during the final adjustments of a vehicle on the parking spot to avoid any misunderstandings with your customers that paid for a perfectly placed car. Time is actually a very valuable resource. Being low on time means increased tension for your parking missions that could potentially lead to making more mistakes from your side.

What about bus parking games? Do you know any? It's an exciting experience to drive a big vehicle used mostly for transportation of other people. It's similar to driving a minivan or a middle sized truck, but it's not exactly the same. You must try it on your own, and get the feeling of it. In some cases, you will have to navigate your vehicle through heavy city traffic (people are probably in rush to their jobs, or visiting their grandparents ...) and omnipresent pedestrians that are often blocking the fastest way to your destination point. Consider it as a way to increase difficulty of a game and make it even more challenging! Use arrows on your keyboard to manipulate with vehicle, and bring it to its destination with style! Prepare for a real test of your driving and parking skills! We are watching you!