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WASD = drive

space = handbrake

c = camera

enter = reset car

t = slow mode

r = repair car

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Derby Crash is a 3D driving simulation completely for free. One map and up to six vehicles in total. Realistic physics and vehicle destruction are commonplace. The map is full of objects that the player can explore and do stunts here. Teleports open randomly, so your vehicle may teleports on the opposite side of the map.

Another great game from Ciorbyn is here. As you are used to, lots of fun and unlimited driving await you. Destroy your car and literally break it down into parts. You have six different vehicles at your disposal and if you are a fan of the Evo-F series , Scrap Metal series or the latest game Next Drive , then you will love this game as well. There are no limits to your ideas, so get on the track right now. Have fun.

Game Features

  • Realistic 3D driving simulation
  • Destruction of vehicles
  • Teleports randomly on the map for more fun
  • Ramps and bridges for doing tricks
  • Artificial Intelligence for Other Vehicles, Autopilot

Age rating: PACO3  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Feb 14, 2020

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