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WASD = drive

c = power up (fly)

space = power down (fly)

enter = reset car

t = slow down time

r = repair car

c = camera

space = handbrake

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Next Drive is a 3D driving simulator of any transport. The player will find all types of transports in this game. Cars, trucks, helicopters, aircrafts and many more. Physics are extremely realistic and need to be tested in a large map! If you are Evo-F series lover, then this game took driving into the next level.

A Game inspired by the pleasure of driving any type of vehicle. In this first version it is possible to quickly select Airplanes, helicopters rather than cars or industrial and rescue vehicles. Each vehicle has its full functionality for which it was designed in reality (cargo helicopter transports vehicles or objects, fire fighters extinguish fires and so on). Given the presence of planes and helicopters, the scenario based on procedural technology is infinite, so there are no space limits.


  • Transports of all types - no more only car simulator, you will find here cars, trucks, helicopters, aircrafts any many more.
  • Realistic physics - enjoy realistic driving and flying around the map.
  • Freedom - you have no limitations, transport cargo where you want and how long you want.
  • Repair broken cars in garage.

Age rating: PACO3  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Jan 30, 2020

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