Craft - Ride - Destroy

Play in new window


WASD = movement

mouse = shoot




4 = weapon groups

f = special weapon

h = horn

l = headlights

r = car jack

space = handbrake

n = center of mass

o = add combat bots

tab = show map

y = voice chat

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Crossout is an action massive multiplayer game (MMO). Play with people all around the world. Post-apocalyptic world is a place, where everyone has to fight for survival. Will you survive? Control Armored vehicles and many more.

Post-apocalyptic world is at war. Armored vehicles in the frontline, and heavy aircraft support right behind. This is war! This is the world of Crossout! Craft your own unique vehicle from unrivalled amount of components and assemble a nimble buggy or heavily armored off-road vehicle suitable for any form of combat. Any shape, any size, any weapon, any armor type... Support your firepower arsenal with something special! Nuclear missiles! Enjoy yourself looking at advanced damage model while you destroy any part of the enemy vehicle as it will affect its behavior in the battle. Weapons? Of course! From chainsaw to machine guns to rocket launchers plus quite a wide range of next-gen military gadgets including flying drones! Run your own workshop and develop new parts for your vehicle. Sell it or use it for your own good. Trade with other players and earn in-game current. What will be your battle strategy? Have fun.

Published on Mar 1, 2018

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