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First battle-tanks are beyond the horizon! Play a game from our free tank games category, and see more than just "first tanks". Sit into legendary military vehicles from World War II, and experience the atmosphere of a military conflict on a battlefield somewhere in North-West France. Do you wonder, how is it to handle a M-4 Sherman or Mk IV Panzer? If so, there is one wake-up call! Don't regret your laziness, and join the battlefield in the middle of virtual warfare! Set canons, and be ready to fire! Drive through hostile territory, execute orders of your commander, and kill every enemy military unit. Cause total destruction, demolish buildings, and prepare to use experimental nuclear missiles. Command several tank squads, and gain tactical advantage over your opponents. War field is waiting for your decisions! Become the greatest general of all times, and inscribe your name to history textbooks.

Do you know, what is probably even more crazy? When you challenge your best friend for a tank battle. Imagine this situation: you are arguing each other, but there is no clear solution to your problem. What is the better way to solve the issue than a proper duel of tanks! Ready, aim, fire! Forget about old tanks used in wars, think outside the box. We are now here in research facility which holds alien technology. Controlling an alien military vehicle sounds more exciting than driving some slow, one hundred years old, heavy machinery, isn't it? Lead our species to the intergalactic warfare, and set the technological milestones for future generations.

Diplomatic efforts have failed. Our greatest rivals are marching to our borders, ready and waiting for brutal ground and aerial strike. Somebody must lead our country in defensive strategies against our enemies. Position all tank battalions to their locations, and coordinate surprising counter-attack. Anti-air squad is ready, sir! Deploy all units to the rally point, and strike back! Shoot down helicopters, air fighters, tanks, armored cars, and other military machinery. Tanks were invented for destruction, so fulfill their purpose, and leave no area in original state. Devastate whole cities in the biggest warfare that this world has ever seen! Where? In our tank games online!