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WASD = drive

mouse = view

c = change camera

r = repair

enter = reset car

t = slow time

u = arm up

j = arm down

i = fork up

k = fork down

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Evo-F3 is third installment of the successful Evo-F series and is finalyl here! What awaits you? Everything you know and much more.

As in the previous episodes, a lot of lucrative vehicles are prepared for you. For this time, these are great sports cars. Be fast, be unstoppable, have a race with plane. Wait what? Plane? Yes it's right. Discover a new game location! Your new adventure takes place at the airport. What is airport without airplanes! You can find still aircrafts here, but also planes in motion. Beware of getting under the plane is deadly dangerous! And what else must not miss at the airport? You are right, a passenger bus. So look forward to a new vehicle that has not been in the game yet! We think Evo-F would not be Evo-F if the fork was missing. It waits for you too, so you can move the ramps and enjoy different stunts.

What is important to say, is that multiplayer comes into the game, for the first time! Play with more players. However, it will come into the game after the next updates, so watch closely when it happens, because it will be big!

Now that you know everything essential, start to discover! Enjoy the game at maximum. Great driving simulation will surely win your heart. Have fun.

Age rating: PACO3  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Oct 17, 2019

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