2 = guns

tab = game menu

c = crouchview


enter = enter a vehicle

x = cover

space = roll

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Adventure City

Niko is back in Liberty City! After few years in the prison, he got sick of that poor life of a criminal. That is why he is back, he would like to visit his cousin Roman - just a family reunion, you know... However, right at the airport, Niko is under fire! Corrupted cops are hunting him for no obvious reason. Luckily, he is always wearing his Russian weapons. It is time to show those dirty cops Russian style of war. Merciless killing machine Niko is prepared to shoot down all his enemies. Screw that reunion, this gunfight is gonna be much more exciting! Explore the whole city, and kill enemy cops. Steal cars, destroy them, and recall those good old times when everything was just blowing up! Have fun.

Published on Oct 29, 2016

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