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arrows = ride

esc = back to menu

1 = previous car

2 = next car

c = change view

r = repair car

t = slow motion

p = pause

enter = reset car

e = eject payload

space = handbrake

h = hide instructions

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Offroader V5 is a 3D driving simulator. Choose one of the many cars. In Offroader V5 you will find city cars, trucks and offroad cars. Try the realistic simulation of city driving. Simulate car crash or just explore the map. The game is suitable for all ages. Play for free right now.

The gates are open! Three open-world maps (two cities, one countryside) are ready for action! Offroader series became legendary in the past for its total freedom during the play, and V5 takes it even further. What will be your next driving activity? Will you just roam around the city, and watch for amazing buildings and narrow sidestreets? Will you take the bus, and head for a crazy ride to the countryside? Will you gather all cars together, and make one huge crash? In this game, everything is possible. Only your imagination is your limit. Test out many cars, offroads, and a bus, each with its unique driving model, and have fun.

Published on Dec 22, 2017

9,174,658 plays Tags: Driving 3D Bus Car games Keyboard Unity 3D WebGL

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