WASD = move

mouse = targeting




4 = skills

tab = cycle targets

shift = cycle allies

enter = chat

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Led by example from World of Warcraft, the game presents itself as a next-gen browser MMORPG with open world and unlimited options to play the actual game. Choose one from four distinct classes: play as a mighty warrior, and stand in front line tanking the damages, or choose ranged damage classes like mage and archer, and deal damage to enemies with powerful spells and shots from safe distance, or heal your group with shaman, the only character that can restore health of other characters with his nature magic skills. Explore grassy lands and rocky mountains, and level your character by killing persistent monsters. Rally with your allies, complete difficult quests in the mean world of evil, and slay monstrous bosses on an epic journey for eternal glory. Have fun.

Published on 28 Jun 2017

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