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Our army games online collection will give you great opportunity to see how things go in a real war! World War I and World War II were brutal global warfares, where millions of people died, but it's the history. So, what is coming? A war across all continents, or an alien invasion from deep space? Are we prepared for such assault, or would it mean the end of our specimen? Fighting superior technology, our only hope would be the will to survive. In comparison with potential threats from outer universe, our military technology is still in its infancy. What are "super modern" inventions such as stealth airfighters, digital revolvers, night vision sniper rifles, robot mules, or flybots compared to laser shots that are able to destroy whole planets, or plasma bullets that can cause massive volcanic eruptions which may trigger enormous earth shatters.

Attack your enemies with your best squad of soldiers. Create a team of brave guys that will be in the first line fighting against enemies. Lead your forces behind enemy lines and deal with any danger that will emerge. Carry weapons, guns, pistols, grenades, and drive all kinds of military vehicles including tanks, armored cars and so on. Wear armor vests, knives, or your favorite silenced M4 Carbine, and look for dangerous terrorists. In war zone, there is no place for weak ones. Only the strongest will survive! Head into battle, and win the war right on the battlefield. Defend and protect your country, and prepare for counterattacks. Nuclear power development is definitely a threat, and shouldn't be underestimated by any means. Spy on your enemies, investigate their latest military development patterns, and carry out orders of the latest operation. Outcome of this mission may turn the tides of the whole war, and you may be the key person of the conflict. Earn medals such as Purple Heart, Silver Star, or Medal of Honor, and show the world that you are the true war veteran! Whether a prisoner of war, private, lieutenant, or general, everyone has its purpose. Begin from scratch, try some army games for kids, show your military potential, and become the greatest commander!