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If you are looking for pure action, look no more! Our fighting games online are iconic examples of fully action-packed games. Be a street fighter, a ninja, a martial arts master, or just a thug. Punch people, kick them, and use weapons for close-range combat. Make your fists deadly claws, and bring them to the virtual battle-arena. Learn few combat tricks, and perform powerful combos.

Join the local MMA club, and train hard day in, day out with other sparrings, and one day you'll become respected fighter who has won many UFC title matches including beating guys such as Conor McGregor, Jon Jones, José Aldo, or phenomenal Anderson Silva. Or travel to East Asia, and explore the secret behind old-school martials arts. Learn to fight with bare hands, and with weapons like katanas, samurai swords, shurikens, or nunchucks. Visit ancient temples where monks are learning the art of Kung fu, Tai chi, and Hung Gar. Then compete with other martial arts specialists, and few rounds of battles in arenas will decide who’s the best fighter of all time!

Fighting is not just about beating somebody up, or defending yourself in tough situation where several guys want to kick your ass. Imagine that you are a character from one of our games which is barely alive after a zombie invasion. That's what is called fighting for life. Engaging your survival instincts and will to live, you will be given the toughest quest of all - your own survival. Maybe it's the time to call your friends to help you, maybe it's the time for a solo ride for reaching the status of true hero. Either way, it's gonna be crazy! Oh, wait a second. What about aliens and their laser guns? These guys love fighting too. They invade a planet, and if there is no one to stop, they destroy it and fly to another one. You should be that "no one" willing to face them, willing to fight them, and spit on their faces buried in the ground. Enjoy simple controls to unleash your maximum combat potential. Battle with a lot of enemies at once, and prove them that you are a real anime fighting games legend!