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Our collection of robot building games is for players of all ages! Assemble robots from various materials, construct them into flawless machines, equip them with powerful and dangerous weapon sets, and lead them towards the battlefield! Laser beams, rocket boots, harpoons, enhanced armors, thermovision, and even experimental weapons of nuclear origin - classic equipment of an ordinary robot, isn't it? These projects, or let's say robots, were tested in labs, but they lack practical training in the fields. You should take control over them and command them to attack enemy base! Engage high-powered rocket missiles, turn on plasma gun, and add more ammo to machine gun magazines. For more melee combat oriented fans, we have a special version military robot called MK:41. This metal friend can slice through pretty much any material you find on this planet. His precisely cut diamond sawblades mixed with essence harvested on Moon, gives this machine piercing potential of unimaginable strength. What about size of this loyal companion? Uh, did you see Transformers movie? Multiply the size of these mechanical warriors by five, and you'll get the right size of our MK:41. You know, we are in love with giants. The bigger, the better. The more devastating weapons, the better. Very simple equations!

Build monsters, mechs, dinosaurs, and many other robotic figures, and battle robots of your friends in our set of robot games for kids. Everyone will be able to create his own killer machine with given instructions that these games provide. Follow the steps mentioned in tutorial, or introductory section, and construct the most dangerous and extreme machine that this world has ever seen. Stock up on a metal, and plan the next rise of machines! Metal war is ahead of us, and only the prepared ones will succeed! Call to Arms! New age has settled - an era of brutal fights right in the streets of your city is coming! Marching to battle, leading your own squad of futuristic steel soldiers, you are ready more than ever to become the next world leader! Prove your worth as a leader and win the first world robo-war ever!