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N = nitro

C = camera Player 2


T = nitro

Q = camera

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RHM Interactive

Developer | 30 games

City Bike Stunt 2

City Bike Stunt 2 is a 3D motorcycle game for one or 2 player on the same device. The game offers 7 motorcycles on which you can race in 6 different levels or simply enjoy free ride in a new redesigned area with collecteable diamonds. Just by collecting them you will get resources for upgrading your motorcycles. At the other side, for unlocking new motorbikes, there is need to win the races.

Game features

  • 7 various motorbikes to ride on
  • 4 upgradeable components (speed, acceleration, brakes, handling)
  • Visual customiyations - painting
  • 2 game modes - racing with 6 levels / free mode
  • 2 players mode

Age rating: PACO3  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Feb 2, 2021

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