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Ad-free experience, are you interested in? Right now you can achieve playing without ads thanks to new community feature. And the best - without paying a single cent.

Ad-free playing - what can I await?

Shortly, no ads before all games on PacoGames and no in-game ads in all games powered by GameArter. Everyone hates pre-roll and mid-roll ads, we do too. Unfortunately, this type of ads is necessary due to higher revenue generated by them. In most cases, running standard banner-type ads is not sufficient for paying costly solutions associated with operating data-heavy website like gaming site

Price of removing annoying ads from a website

    If someone offers using a content website without ads, it usually requires one of the following:
  • Paying for the service
  • Selling users' personal data by the website
  • Using users' PC for own interests by the website - e.g. maining cryptocurrencies

Do not worry, none of them is case of PacoGames, your data, hardware and software property are in safe here. We found a different way of providing games without annoying ads before and inside the games, but we are not handle to achieve it without your help. The thing is economy of scale. With higher number of users, performance and data usage we will be able to achieve at ads with higher revenue per display and lower price for data and other website-related operation costs.

How to get PacoGames without ads

As mentioned in the paragraph above, thereis need to help us to achieve at discount from a range. This is possible by bringing new users using PacoGames. As our gratitude, we will remove annoying ads for you immediatelly. So, if you know anyone who could be interested in playing browser games, do not hesitate to invite him via our new affiliate system. In addiction of removing ads, we will reward you also with GRT credit which you can use for buying in-game items in following games.

Rewards for hostitel (affiliate):

Credit reward for each registered user 10 GRT
Ad-free experience for every 10 registered users 1 month (30 days)

Welcome reward for invited user (user gets it after registration)

We do PacoGames for Players and every new player who start play with us is a pleasure for us. Therefore we decided to welcome everyone invited users by following rewards:

Credit reward for the registration 100 GRT
Ad-free experience after registration 7 days
Immediatelly unlocked option to use affiliate and invite new users to get more yet rewards
Invite friends