Offer for game developers

Offer for game developers Tags: Cooperation

Are you a worldwide successful gaming company or just an amateur indie game developer working on conversion of his cool idea into a functional game? Regardless of your skill, resources and background, I have an offer for you - let's cooperate for our mutual benefit.

My goal is to allow people to play great games simply through a web browser. Will you provide me with such games?

I am Vladimir, founder at PacoGames. I see PacoGames to be a gaming platform connecting the community of players, game developers and other types of content creators. Basically, something like YouTube for games. I would like to offer you an option to participate in this vision.

My expectation of the cooperation

Your contribution would include at least one of the following actions:

  • Publishing your games suitable for web on PacoGames
  • Participate on improving the games by a way of your selection

What I offer

  • Listing your game on PacoGames, full visibility for all users for the first few days, sharing the game on all our social sites.
  • Revenue share (ads, IAP), see more at Publishing games on PacoGames.
  • Simple publication through game distribution services (we do not require special version for PacoGames)
  • Option to use and manage own media kits (thumbnail, video thumbnail, description, sharing image for social sites and other) for presentation of your game on PacoGames
  • Developer account on PacoGames with option to present you and your work
  • Close connection with players (discussion, feedback reports, access to followers)
  • Active promotion of well performing games
  • Full support of advanced features provided by GameArter (auto login, users management, leaderboards, achievements, data management, saving data on server … )
  • Access to affiliate system that offers financial reward for referred users (e.g. for use on your social networks)
  • Our knowledge and technical assistance
  • Possible creation of future synergies with PacoGames, streamers, influencers, website owners and other game developers.

We would like to achieve the snowball effect

  1. Better games on PacoGames
  2. Simpler to promote them (better performing PPC campaigns), higher user retention, increased interest of influencers to mention the games
  3. Increased playability and revenues
  4. Higher revenues = Developers may develop better games = more interesting games for players = higher playability = higher revenues ...

Are you interested in it? Get in touch through email: