Our HTML5 games are cross-platform games. You can play them in browser of your desktop computer or laptop, or on various devices including your tablet, or mobile phone. Play all sorts of exciting and challenging games with simple controls ranging from action arcades to brain teasing logic games.

Engage your battle robot and march to the war. Work on top secret projects in Area 52 and set up plans to deflect all alien invasions. Experience a zombie apocalypse which killed almost ninety percent of the whole population. Drive luxury cars on closed racing circuits, in the mountains, or in a desert, and customize them to the last detail. Help to choose an outfit for your best friend and decide which hairstyle should be her next one. Take care of your cute pets and feed them when you must. Excavate and mine rare resources and build monstrous structures. Cooperate with your friend and follow the steps of an adventurer who hide venerable treasure somewhere deep in the ancient temple. Play a match of soccer and beat superstars like Wayne Rooney, or Gareth Bale. Marry a princess and build your own kingdom from scratch. Plant seeds and harvest delicate fruits and vegetables. Do you like snakes? No? Then you'll change your mind... Crawl silently and stalk upon your prey... Bite! Accept your last patient, check his injury, and operate now. Explore remote places of deep space and look for any signs of foreign civilizations. Join the squad of superheroes and fight against the most fearsome villains of the history. Match at least three same symbols and remove them from board. Connect all pipes and repair water drainage. Equip your character with long sword and plate armor and visit nearby cave with sleeping dragon. Hire mercenaries and protect your fort against rush of mutants. Escape from prison and gather new team for the next virtual heist. And don't forget to eat some candies too!

These cross-device games are providing entertainment at home, while travelling, or at school during the break. Start competing with your friends in games of various genres, and see who sets a new high score!