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Test your marksmanship abilities and decision making. Act as a defender of ancient castle, or as a futuristic soldier. Eliminate targets with all sorts of weapons like pistols, guns, ballistas, bows, cannons, and many others. Choose between weapons for close-range combat like shotguns, or for long-distance skirmishes with snipers. Spot your enemy, and shoot him down before draws a weapon. Important thing of every shooter is analysis of your target. Is it a Minister of Defense, an ambassador, or just an ordinary alien? All these "targets" have various strengths and weaknesses. As a professional shooter, you job is to pinpoint the weakest point and use it to your advantage. Let's say, you face three hundred aliens and you are alone just with your anti-alien gun. You know that they are wearing specially adjusted biotic armors which cannot be penetrated by standard bullets. However, you are a smart guy and you are using next-gen bullets made of palladium. Hasta la vista aliens!

You were assigned for a mission from which nobody has ever returned. Your job is to retrieve a powerful artifact which is guarded by the most fearsome monsters you have ever seen. Good thing is, you are wearing your good old friends rocket launcher, and automatic machine gun, but this won't be enough. Courage and human strength won't help as well. So what's the trick to survive? There is none... Shoot through the most disgusting creatures (in fact these are failed government experiments) you can even imagine, and riddle your way through. Sorry, there is a way to help you. Accept this generous gift in form of a battle tank and switch gears of your free shooting games journey!

Play many challenging games testing your shooting accuracy and speed. Reload your weapon, and shoot all incoming zombies before they reach your base! If all common weapons fail, grab rocket launcher, and clear the whole area. Shoot down terrorists, or turn the tides of a tank battle! Real general leads his team by example! Be in the first line and turn the tides of upcoming battle! Improve your gaming precision with our free shooting games category!