Offer for YouTubers and streamers

Offer for YouTubers and streamers Tags: Cooperation

Are you the most famous streamer or just a person with the idea to create a video on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook or another streaming platform? Regardless the size of your audience I have an offer for you - let's cooperate for our mutual benefit.

My goal is to increase the user base through increased awareness of PacoGames brand. Will you help me?

I am Vladimir, founder at PacoGames. I see PacoGames to be a gaming platform connecting the community of players, game developers and other types of content creators. Basically, something like YouTube for games. I would like to offer you an option to participate in this vision.

My expectation of the cooperation

Your help would include at least one of the following actions:

  • Visual mention of PacoGames
  • Verbal mention of PacoGames
  • Bring ideas and work to make Pacogames better

We provide full freedom - you may mention us in any positive form you want

  • Links in a video description / on social sites
  • Record a video while playing games on PacoGames
  • Introduce PacoGames gaming platform to your viewers

What I offer

  • Financial reward for all referred users (see Make money with PacoGames)
  • Active promotion of your YouTube channel for free
  • Placing your videos on PacoGames gamepage (if you record a video from certain game, the video will be available at the pacogames gamepage for users from your country)
  • Mention of your YouTube channel in relevant articles written by us
  • Preliminary access to games before release
  • Game coins to allow you buy any items in games without need to earn the coins by playing first
  • Additional support for big YouTube and Twitch streamers
  • Possible creation of future synergies with PacoGames, game developers, website owners, influencers and other streamers.

We would like to achieve the snowball effect

  1. Increased brand awareness of PacoGames
  2. Increased traffic and playability of games
  3. Increased interest of developers to publish on PacoGames → better position for us to get better games
  4. Better games = better content for your videos, higher interest of players → higher interest of developers → yet better games

Are you interested in it? If so, get in touch through email: