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Driving a car is way too boring, let's test out truck driving games category! Park these road monsters at specially adjusted parking spots, attach a trailer and delivery the order to your customers. You will be paid for each successfully transported package, so make sure you are at the meeting point right on time and that you haven't crashed during the ride. Trucks, however, bring much more opportunities than just these utility ones. What about racing? People love to see colossal vehicles battling each other on a difficult track where every little mistake means that you are out. Navigating a truck is much harder that just driving an ordinary vehicle, this is not a daily ride to the school or to the job, trucks are something more, you must build-up a connection to it, become friends, become united being. Only then, you can perfectly understand its mechanisms, its purpose. Feel it like it would be a human, a living entity. Show your heart and trucks will prove their loyalty to you. Take care of them, repair them, clean them up, and get ready for the ride like never before!

Roam from city to city, and enjoy the time during intense freeride session! Big trucks needs big boys, so take this challenge, and prove that your driving skills are on point! Open fire! Open fire! We need backup! Experience thrill of extinguishing fire with our fire truck games. Be fast and precious. Every second is important, every little mistake is fatal. Do your job well, and save lives of innocent people. What is great about truck games is that they are playable just with your keyboard, so no long and stressful learning of controls. You just start the game, and you are ready to own it! Drive safely, don't push too hard. After all, trucks aren't made for street racing scene. But that doesn't mean that it's impossible! Are we crazy? Trucks in street racing? What? Yeah, why not, everything is possible! Choose from several game options, graphic designs, and various environments, and find the one which suits you the best!