Offroad Truck Adventure

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Offroad Truck Adventure

Take on the rugged terrain in Offroad Truck Adventure! Drive legendary trucks and deliver cargo off-road to prove you’re the best truck driver out there!

Offroad Truck Adventure offers an exciting and challenging truck driving experience. Select from four legendary trucks and navigate through tough off-road environments to deliver cargo. Upgrade your truck’s engine, speed, and gas tank to enhance performance and tackle the toughest routes. With four distinct levels and both day and night modes, this game will test your driving skills and strategy. Are you ready to conquer the off-road and become the ultimate truck driver?

Key Game Features

  • Drive 4 legendary trucks
  • Upgrade 3 key components: engine, speed, gas tank
  • Play through 4 challenging levels
  • Experience day and night modes

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on 2024年6月4日

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