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Developer | 40 games

Project Cars Destruction Engine 2

Project Cars Destruction Engine 2 is a second installment of 3D multiplayer racing game. Try new destruction simulator in single or multiplayer mode. Race for victory. Do not let other players destroy your car. Earn money and unlock new better cars.

Welcome to the world of games with crazy stunts, where you will find exciting races with opponents, long jumps and devastating accidents for your car. Want to drive and play with friends? No problem, the game has multiplayer which makes the game even more exciting and interesting. Also in this destruction simulator, you can lose parts of your car and completely break the car. If you are alone and friends do not have time, play against bots. They are tougher than you think. Have fun with Project Cars Destruction Engine 2.


  • Realistic destruction of your car
  • Realistic physics of driving
  • Customize and upgrade your car in garage
  • Multiplayer and sigleplayer modes

Age rating: PACO3  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Jan 28, 2020

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