Offroad Monster Truck Forest Championship

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Offroad Monster Truck Forest Championship

Offroad Monster Truck Forest Championship is a 3D racing and demolition derby game. The player will find 3 modes (off-road, campaign, multiplayer) in the game. Play single player or with friends multiplayer. Visit the shop and unlock all 6 cars for the money you earn in races.

About Game

Welcome to the world of big off-road racing cars. Choose your favorite off-road car and start your journey. Find your personal rank in the game. All your kills, deaths, wins in one place. Make a progress through the game, earn money and unlock all cars. Race with UI or play against other people in a demolition derby. The game has 3 modes and every mode is great!

The first mode

is an off-road mode. In this mode, you will find 19 challenging levels. Race against UI, overcome obstacles and finish the level as first. Test your skills and prepare for the second mode!

The second mode

is campaign. Start your career. Fight with other UI cars. In this mode, you will find 15 challenging levels. Complete them all and you become a derby demolition champion. Remember, bots in the game are not easy opponents.

The third mode

is multiplayer mode. Do you think, you trained enough in previous modes? Now is the time to challenge other players all around the world, or just invite your friends and play together. You can choose to create your own room and set all the parameters or just join someone elses room! Enjoy a lot of fun and become a champion! So many possibilities in one place.

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  • Awesome car game for free
  • 3 modes: off-road, campaign, multiplayer
  • Play with friends or race with UI and add bots
  • Challenging gameplay with many levels
  • Unlock 6 unique cars in the shop, but first earn the money in races

Age rating: PACO3  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Mar 3, 2020

Invite 10 friends and play without ads.

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