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Train lovers and fans of choo-choo machines beware, this is our train games online category! Assemble your own trains, customize its visuals, and prepare rails for a ride! You can choose what way your train will take, but watch out for holes and for inappropriate terrain, because your goal is clear - to deliver all goods, or transport all passengers in one piece to the final destination and receive outstanding rewards for the provided services. Control trains running on steam, coal, or electricity. Each type of locomotive requires different approach to make it running as efficiently as possible. Steam engines were extremely inefficient due to the lack of knowledge about these mechanisms in general, but it's already history now. Later on, they were substituted by locomotives running on coal. This invention made everything much easier, because these locomotives were able to develop much higher speeds with drastically less effort in comparison with steam engines. However, as the time goes, people came up with idea that trains could be powered by electricity - the most efficient way out of these three. And so they did. Just take a look at TGV, Shanghai Maglev, AGV Italo, Talgo 350, or THSR 700T. In some cases, maximum operational speed of these trains is beyond the number of 400 kmph which is quite respectable! To be honest, wouldn't you be scared travelling at such speed?

Select crew members, and take of customers during the long-distance ride. Do you watch action movies on TV? Then you surely know that train attack is a thing! Steal a train, and ask for a ransom. Threat innocent people with a gun, and join the gang wars action right in one of the coupes like in a real action movie! Complete several railroad challenges, and earn money for improvements in your railroad company. Invest into new stuff, material, and equipment, and expand your family business. Our train games for kids are accessible for everyone! Easy to learn controls with simple mechanics will grasp anyone and won't let him go. No matter whether you are a train enthusiast or not, reach your final station before the time runs out!