WASD = move

mouse = shoot

space = jump

q = throw weapons

e = pick up weapon

r = reload

b = buy menu

g = grenades

f = switch grenades

shift = crouch

p = pause menu

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Lucas Wild

Developer | 4 games

Forward Assault

Forward Assault is a wonderful action game in which only the most powerful individuals with a precise shot will survive! The game is a first person shooter and is from the creators of Bullet Force.

Enjoy fabulous 3D graphics! Find all your favorite weapons in the weapon shop. Decide for your style. Will you be a sniper or do you prefer to use a slot machine? If you like extreme, try to get the enemy behind and quietly kill him with close-range weapons. Who will win and who will be defeated?

Create your game. Choose from up of four game modes. Do you like counter strike? Start a game where terrorists and counter terrorists will fight against each other. Destroy the bomb or plane it by yourself! Up to 16 players can play in one room. This ensures fast play without lags and also fun with more people.
Team up with your friends or people all around the world. Become the leader of your group. Don't be killed! Run, hide and most importantly always have your weapon ready. The enemy lurks around every corner.
Make money and unlock new weapons. All weapons and even gloves can be customized. Choose from different colors and themes. You earn money for everything while you are playing.

There is definitely no reason for hesitation. Start the game and play. It is important to realize that the game is WebGL technology and it is a high quality game. Its size is 333 MB, which can lead to longer loading of the game on your computer. But don't be discouraged, because it's worth it! Have fun.

Age rating: PACO16

Published on Dec 10, 2019

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