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Guns and blood, meet icons of killing games online category. Kill everything in your sight, take your opponents down for extra points, and assassinate your primary target. Is the ambassador flying to an important diplomatic conference? Assault the jet, kill whole crew, and torture all important political figures on board. You can kill a target in so many ways, you wouldn't believe. You just need that creative spirit! For example, a chainsaw. Great tool to have fun during any time of the day. Shurikens, throwing weapons of secret ninjas. Did you know that there is up to ten thousand ways how to kill a target with shurikens? Let's be more classy and inspect this laser gun, boys and girls. This experimental weapon is able to produce force equal to small nuclear explosion, so it's advised to not use this little friend at home! Whatever, choose from various instruments, and improve your killing technique. Murder people with guns, knives, arrows, and other exclusive pieces of your firepower arsenal. The more kills you score, the better!

Hordes of undead creatures incoming! Learn from our zombie killing games, and turn on your inner killing machine, and spray down all bloodthirsty zombies with your automatic weapon. They'll try to resist, but your killer instincts are stronger than anything else. Aliens! Who said aliens? You already know that story behind it. Aliens came from a galaxy far away to destroy our planet, because we are ungrateful and mean species. We don't deserve to live anymore. Screw it! Revolution has arrived! Forget about those cliché stories, and kill those nasty aliens, and send them back to where they came from.

Any global warfare is definitely a problem. Solution is often hidden in political fights. Perhaps, killing some important political figure, or a military officer could end the war. Isn't it worth trying? Even killing somebody can sometimes lead to better times in the future! Enjoy bloodbath, and become merciless slayer! Don't take anything from this way too seriously. Don't forget that this is just virtual world, and when you come back to reality, keep your manners up!