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Our best fps games are filled with intensive action, and with graphic violence that you won't see anywhere else. Advantage is on your side, check your crosshair, aim for the head, and boom headshot! Precisely cut first-person-shooter games are the very best games you can find on internet. And our collection of free fps games is here to give your the most impressive gaming experience you've ever had. Brutal gunfights, secret missions to stop terroristic organizations, or breathtaking gangster mayhems. Once you get into a game, you instantly become a part of it. You are the hero which is clearing the whole area from mutated aliens and hyper-aggressive predators. You are the one who is fighting for honor of your lands. You are the one who is last man standing in a war which resulted in a total bloodbath. You are the one who is leading your squad to mission in skyscraper where you are supposed to deal with dangerous terrorists and save the hostages. You are the true hero!

Be an assassin or infiltrator, and espionage top secret plans of the government. Kill unwanted targets, and claim bounties for their heads. Join military forces, and fight against terrorists behind enemy lines. Defend your life against invasions from space, and defeat monsters that you've never seen before. Eliminate ghosts, undeads, and all forces of scourge in various environments. Experience real zombie outbreak and look for a hideout... Or you know what? Screw hideouts! Face them like a man! Reveal your ultimate weapon and slay them all! Zombies, mutants, inhuman creatures, failed experiments, or aliens with biotic armors, you'll fight all with no exceptions. Break their bodies and crush their bones. Our weaponry is at your service! Grab your gun and spray them down! If you have no clue what to take, here's a quick tip: AK47, AWP, M4A1, Desert Eagle, or IMI Negev, all serve very well! Shoot to kill, my friend. Force your inner spirit to fight and leave your heart and soul on the battlefield! The battle of this millenium is yet to come! Participate in this event which shapes the future right now!