Tuning Cars Stunts

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WASD = drive

t = slow time

r = reset scenary

enter = reset car

tab = next car

f = nitro

c = camera

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Tuning Cars Stunts

Tuning Cars Stunts is a 3D driving simulation. Check all the sports car with tuning. They are fast and looks really cool. Explore one huge city map with lots of obstacles. Now is the time for stunts. In addition, player will find many upgrades for cars.

About Game

Are you car lover? Try this new driving simulation for free. Customize your car and make it special. You can customize: color, tuning and upgrades. Explore huge city map and try all the stunts. You will find many bridges, ramps etc. Game has very realistic physics and WebGL technology supports great 3D graphics. Enjoy the city life. You have no limitations - no time limits, no money needed for unlocking cars and upgrades. Have fun!


  • Change color of your car (body, glass, smoke, neon), choose from 16 colors
  • Customize your car completely with tuning, e.g wheels, bumpers, hood, exhaust. Every category has many choices
  • cars: Nissan r34, Subaru brz, nissan GTR, ford mustang GT, subaru wrx 03
  • Realistic physics and wonderful graphics
  • Suitable for all ages

Age rating: PACO3  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Apr 9, 2020

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