Crunched Metal: Drifting Wars

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1st case - keyboard

arrows = ride

ctrl = shoot

x = rockets

shift = nitro (if available)

c = camera

space = handbrakerespawn

esc = escape 2nd case - mouse + keyboard

WASD = ride

mouse = shootrockets

shift = nitro (if available)

c = camera

space = handbrake

esc = escape

enter = chat Note: please avoid pressing shortcut ctrl + w closing the game tab.

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Crunched Metal: Drifting Wars

Do you hear all those roaring engines? The time has come to decide who is the toughest guy around. This is the real test of your driving and shooting skills. Crunched Metal comes with many vehicles to try out, each of them with their own strengths and weaknesses. Roam around the city, or head to the plains, and spot your first enemy. Ehm, what should you do with him? Yeah, yeah, shoot him down! Boom! And he disappears. Make that metal crunching! There is nothing better than the smell of burning tires. Gain some speed, start drifting like a drift king, and make tires squeaking like never before! Engage your special vehicle equipment - rocket missiles. Aim your opponents vehicle, and here comes the cataclysmic end... for him... get crunched to the ground, son! Choose between singleplayer where you can roam around the map freely, or much more exciting multiplayer where you will face other players from all over the world in action-packed driving madness! Do some damage to other players, and see how their vehicle gets demolished right in front of your eyes! Have fun.

Published on Jun 22, 2016

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