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Hey gunslinger, get ready to shoot and join one of our gun games online! Choose your favorite weapon, ranging from simple colts that were used by real cowboys in west, to powerful automatic guns from the latest warfares. Try out experimental guns from government labs, and shoot down aliens invading our planet. For example, our latest model of plasma nuclear launcher is a great choice for this dirty job. If you are looking for something more traditional, there is no way you'll be disappointed. AK47, M4, AWP, RPG-7, UZI, or old-school Remington - we have everything! Test hundreds of firearms in a virtual war against players from all over the world. Take part in military operations on various continents, and clear whole area with few last bullets.

Visit a shooting range and try out your aim on several moving and stationary targets. Did you miss any? Try it again, and see if you got better results. Remember, practice makes perfect. Perhaps, you should assemble your own custom gun. Choose from huge numbers of specific parts of a gun, and make your own shotgun, machine gun, hand gun, grenade launcher, sniper rifle, assault rifle, rocket launcher, or even a laser weapon. Base your choice on the utility. You won't probably need a rocket launcher for a little brawl in local saloon. But during the capture of important point in next World War, it would certainly come handy. No matter whether you shoot from first-person or third-person perspective, wearing a powerful weapon is always dangerous thing!

Our free gun games are of a rather destructive character. Rip apart whole cities while hunting vicious villains, shoot enemies in bloody battles, or take out your mother-in-law while she isn't watching. The list of shooting possibilities never ends! Change outcome of a war, military assault, or bank robbery. Choose the most functional and best looking model, and engage the gun battle. Challenge your rival for a gun duel, and take him down. Be the fastest gunner in the world, and leave your competition behind. Practice your aim on training dummies, and transfer those skills into real war settings!