WASD = move


space = jump

ctrl = crouch

r = reload

f = knife

g = grenade

tab = score

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Bullet Force is a unique shooting game in an active development. The beginning of the game is dated to 2015 where you could find and play its first version. One year later, Bullet Force was extended about new maps and multiplayer. Current version was released in 2018 and we are sure you will spend hours, days and eventually months by playing it. This game is just awesome. Play multiplayer, create a room, select a map, number of players, and remember to invite friends. Together, hunt for the enemies. Play Deathmatch where only the fastest survive. Kill as many enemies as you can, get money and improve your character. You can choose from 4 maps on which up to 16 people can play. Set the maximum ping and enjoy beautiful graphics. Have fun.

Are you interested in the story behind Bullet Force? Then check our blog post - The rise of Bullet Force.

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