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Kogama: Escape from Prison

Kogama: Escape From Prison is a 3D minecraft like multiplayer game. Try to escape from the prison as first. People around the world will race with you. Who will be the winner?

Kogama games are well known series. This time you will venture to the prison. You wake up in the cell and you have no idea why you are there. You have to escape! Hurry up. Other players woke up in the cell too. Who will take the flag first? There are many obstacles in your way. Deep pits, acid paths, laser rays. Find the best and quickest strategy for escape. Earn points and buy new skins for your character. Enjoy new kogama place. You can also play other parts! Have fun.

Age rating: PACO3  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Apr 1, 2020

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