WASD = move

mouse = shoot

esc = pause


2 = weapons

f = pick-up weapon

e = show map

r = reload

c = crouch

t = melee

shift = run

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Zombie Survival Ultimate

Life in the village has already bored you, so you decided to go out into the world and settle in a nearby town, where you will surely have plenty of opportunities to find new job and where will you also be able to spend your free time. But you did not know that when you arrived to this town, it would be completely empty and you would hear strange sounds that are getting closer to you just in a few minutes after your arrival. Yes, they are zombies! Perhaps, you at least these weapons, that are spread around the city, will help you in your mission. So move your ass, let them try before the first wave of zombies comes down. You can also find there a bazooka, a flamethrower, or a chainsaw, so every fan of even a slightly bloody games will be pleased! So, are you going into this fight? You really do not have any other option. Either survive this invasion, or not. There are no other rules here! Have fun.

Published on Jan 11, 2018

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