Cyber Cars Punk Racing

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n = nitro

c = camera ----- Player 2:


t = nitro

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Cyber Cars Punk Racing

Cyber Cars Punk Racing is a 3D racing game in the futuristics cyber-themed neon city with a highway. There are 16 futuristics racing cars to drive on over 60 race tracks, as well as option to enjoy Free Ride, Hot Pursuit action or a street racing battlefield. The game is playable in single as well as 2 player mode on the same device. It's not just about racing, a player can purchase cars and grow in the gaming skills and so on.

Game modes

  • Career
  • Free Ride
  • Hot Chase
  • Battle Arena
  • Two Players mode

Age rating: PACO3  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Dec 14, 2020

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