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Our boy games online collection features titles that will take you for example to the streets of a city controlled by dangerous gangs, or to the mountains for exciting expeditions. Back to the city issue, though. Poor guys on the streets always need some money. Join the mafia, and complete all sorts of missions for your boss which are beyond legality of your city laws. Keep in mind good old rule of thumb - family first. You deceive your "family" and you are dead man. You are loyal and your brothers won't let you down. The choice is yours... But remember that having some sort of support during a gang war always comes handy. Get a gun, and don't get killed. Enemy gangs will be hunting you, but your tactical skills and shooting abilities can possibly save you. Hack government servers and extract top secret information to your flash drive. Sell this intel to secret groups and organizations and wait for the best offer. You've just earned millions, congratulations! What you gonna buy? A Ferrari? Definitely good choice, add some big mansion with pool and golf course, and you are good to go!

Rule your empire and expand your borders. Lead your nation to the war and come back home alive, Strength and honor! Join army forces, outlast enemy tanks from World War, and take them down. Tank battalion twenty-one, on my command... fire! Anti-tank squad on your left, do something, move, move, move! Nice shot, enemy unit down, sir! Oh crap, zombies! Watch out for zombies, kill them before an outbreak happens. It's already too late, retreat to the base camp and get into defensive position. Don't let them reach you, it would be devastating for your eating habits. But in case, you are a bit weird and would like to taste human flesh, welcome to the zombie family! Can you imagine that girls would handle all this violence? Hardly, but boys can handle even more crazy situations. Check out our boy games for free and experience this fact on your own. These extreme adventures are only for real boys!