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Our free flying games category will let you drive an aircraft of your dreams! Command spaceships, air-fighters, commercial airplanes, hand-gliders, or drones. Fly high to the clouds and conquer the skies! Become an army pilot, control bombardiers from World War with navigated rocket missiles, and launch them upon your targets. Pilot more modern aircraft machinery and engage your powerful photon cannon to erase alien invaders! Prepare for aerial attack with nuclear torpedoes and clear out whole enemy territory! Once you try out one of our flying games online, you won't be able to stop playing them. That's how much they are addictive! You'll be flying here and there, and you won't even realize that many hours have already passed since you started playing. However, you need no flying license, no lengthy courses and trainings, you can just jump into a game and start owning! That's the real magic here. Master the control of a huge Airbus, or Boeing, and schedule all flights accordingly. Is any of flights being delayed? Then you must change the other flights as well so the planes don't crash each other during the landing at the same time! Set off for an exploration of unknown universe, and reach out to new civilizations. Drive helicopters, use it to extinguish the fire, and save people from nearby village. You can truly become a hero, just press the play button!

Interstellar war on Earth? Yeah, that's the reality! Invaders have already conquered more than half of our lands, and if we don't strike back, we will be annihilated with no mercy. Attach hydrogen bombs to your space vessel and get ready to fire! Three, two, one... Fire! Enemy down, enemy down! Success, commander, but bad news are yet to come... More enemy spacecraft have just emerged from deep space and they are launching their special corrosive cannons which are capable of destroying whole planet. Is it gonna be our end? We need a hero to save our world. Please, sit into cockpit and head behind enemy lines to infect their mothership with aggressive virus which would kill all their offensive power! Now!