Xtreme Paintball Wars

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WASD = move

mouse = shoot


2 = guns

c = crouch

shift = run

r = reload

tab = menu

t = chat

enter = send message

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Xtreme Paintball Wars

Xtreme Paintball Wars is a great online shooter that supports two modes of playability, multiplayer but also single player mode with bots. Go to the pixel world and enjoy realistic paintball. You'll have plenty of weapons to choose from. You will find a more realistic rifle but also a variety of fun themes such as a zombie weapon or throwing hearts instead of grenades. There will also be a classic weapon that you may have made yourself in the past, a slingshot. Invite your friends to play and make game even more fun. Eliminate all enemies together. Enjoy a sophisticated shooter. Have fun.

Age rating: PACO16

Published on Apr 11, 2019

Invite 10 friends and play without ads.

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