WASD = move

mouse = shoot

shift = run

p = pause

space = jump


2 = switch weapons

e = interaction

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Mad City Prison Escape 2 New Jail

Jeffrey Cortés is a unique person: thanks to his observation, logic and erudition, he can escape from any prison. The conclusions are disappointing for the jailers – he escaped from many prisons.

In the center of the plot of the picture again, Jeffrey Cortes, who by mistake was in prison. The place of his imprisonment is a high-tech prison. The probability to escape from here is zero. He and his friend developed an escape plan and will implement it, his friend is a security system designer, together they will try to get out. Jeff will have to fight with its own professionalism in order to gain freedom. However, the task is to find the culprit in his detention and take revenge on the organizer so seriously about the case. Will the protagonist develop an ideal escape plan and will he get out? Have fun


  • Exciting adventures
  • Get a sheltered arsenal of weapons
  • Great graphics and sound effects
  • Upgrade skills
  • Dynamic battles
  • Simple controlling

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Age rating: PACO16

Published on Aug 30, 2019

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