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The Last Man

The Last Man is a top-down survival horror game taking place in the facility infected by aliens. They attacked soldies you are part of that while it seems you became the last the last surviving one.

Move around the space and try find a way to get out of the scary place. It's clear you will meet many aliens during that - do not forget to have in mind that they will cut your head with a single hit - so have always a weapons ready for your protection and attack. You can find many various weapons and other gadgets in the space. Have fun!


  • Randomly generated weapons, bullets, exits, and enemies position
  • 3 Levels full of monsters
  • 3 different endings
  • Labyrinthine 3D environments
  • 10 different weapons: from a combat knife to a sniper rifle

Age rating: PACO12

Published on Jul 20, 2022

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