In Police Evolution Idle, take on the role of a vigilant law enforcement officer and restore peace to the city. Hunt down criminals, tackle wrong parking cars, and control traffic points to unlock new features. Can you quickly complete the game and become the ultimate protector of the city?

Expand your repertoire of law enforcement skills as you progress in the game. Unlock new suspect types, each posing unique challenges and requiring specific strategies to apprehend. Enhance your traffic control abilities with new control types, enabling you to maintain order and ensure the smooth flow of vehicles on the busy city streets.

Key Game Features:

  • Take on the role of a vigilant law enforcement officer
  • Hunt down criminals and tackle wrong parking cars
  • Control traffic points to ensure smooth flow
  • Unlock new suspect types and traffic control options
  • Strive to unlock the latest place and complete the game quickly

Age rating: PACO12

Published on 2023年5月18日

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